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Use Cases: Get to know the experiences of Mexican participants of the MAGIC project


The achievements obtained through MAGIC by the Mexican National Education and Research Network, CUDI, can now be seen in a series of videos that measure the importance that the project coordinated by RedCLARA is having for the academic networks.

The testimonies are from Luis Castro, responsible for eduroam in Mexico, Dr. Patricia Santiago, coordinator of the community of Shared Laboratories, and Salma Jalife, coordinator of International Relations at CUDI, and are already available on the Mexican network website (and also on MAGIC's website, along with testimonials from experts representing the five continents).

Funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 (H2020) program, MAGIC aims to establish agreements between Europe, Latin America and other participating regions to generate services, advanced computing infrastructure and real-time applications for national and international research groups to facilitate mobility and collaborative work.

Through the project, CUDI claims that was able to integrate the vision, experience and work of universities and research centers such as BUAP, CICESE, CINVESTAV, ITESM, UDG, UAM, UNAM, UCOL and UGTO, which resulted in the creation of its Identity National Federation (FENIX) and the implementation of the eduroam service in the country. In addition, through MAGIC, the CUDI community has benefited from collaboration tools generated by Latin American and European networks, among which we can mention: eNVIO, SIVIC, VC Espresso and Funds & Partners