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SURFnet B.V. (Netherlands)

Ronald van der Pol

Ronald van der Pol MSc has been working in the field of Education and Research Networks for more than twenty years. Since 2012 he is working on network innovation projects at SURFnet. His former employers include VU University Amsterdam, SURFnet, NLnet Labs and SARA. His current interests are in new network technologies and how these can be applied to next generation networking. This includes Software Defined Networking, OpenFlow, multipathing, load balancing and other forms of traffic engineering and optimisation, network management and monitoring, transport protocols, end-to-end performance of demanding applications, programmable dataplanes (OpenFlow/P4), OpenDaylight, disaggregation in networking and intent and model driven networking. He holds masters degrees in both Physics and Computer Science and is a frequent speaker at networking conferences.

Ronald van der Pol is a speaker in the following presentations: