TNC16 Conference
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10A - Wednesday plenary 2
11A - Wednesday plenary 3
2A - Lightning talks
2B - Security: Beyond the tools
2C - Fibre and optical
2D - Virtualization Rising: Emerging Concepts in e-Infrastructures
3A - "Ludo" - kids playing Distributed Denial of Service
3B - NRENs high level strategy
3C - Monitoring and management
3D - Future Transport Network Architectures
4A - Reimagining Federations
4B - User-focussed Engagement and Service Development
4C - SDN traffic control
4D - Alien Wavelengths – from field trials to profitable services
5A - Tuesday plenary
6A - Identity: report from the trenches
6B - Open learning systems
6C - SDN data plane
6D - Advanced video applications
7A - MAGIC + Sci-GaIA + TANDEM: Towards Sustainable e-Infrastructures
7B - Networking History, Arts and Cosmos
7C - SDN L2/L3 Networking: ESnet 100G SDN Testbed with ENOS
7D - Cloud
8A - Lightning talks
8B - Security: hardening the attack surface
8C - Global Network Architecture
8D - Moving forward with mobility
9A - Wednesday plenary 1
Opening plenary