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Clouds are happening: the TNC 2016 session on cloud service delivery

Cloud services are becoming core to research and education institution's business. More and more NRENs are now delivering cloud services to their communities, either brokered from commercial (public cloud) suppliers or built and operated by the NRENs (as community cloud offerings).
This session will give you an overview of the current landscape, how cloud service delivery is taking place and the roles NRENs are fulfilling. The presentations will zoom in on concrete opportunities that you can adopt and apply:
- The cloud collaboration of the European NRENs in GÉANT 
- A collective NREN IaaS tender in GÉANT, which will allow European NRENs to offer these services to their communities
- Cloud network peerings
- Two NREN use cases (presentations by SWITCH and SURFnet) on how to successfully deliver services and interact with the community
- Experiences with file storage solutions: Seafile and OwnCloud (a presentation by PSNC and TF-storage)


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Tuesday, 14 June from 16:00 to 17:30
Tycho Kepler
Andres Steijaert SURFnet bv

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