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7C - SDN L2/L3 Networking: ESnet 100G SDN Testbed with ENOS Save to my Google calendar

Much progress has been made in putting together full SDN network solutions that include interoperability from the network operating system down through the controller into the data plane. ESnet is running ENOS (full L2/L3 network operating system; open source) over Corsa SDN Switches with full QoS Traffic Management to enable their 100G SDN Test bed. This session is comprised of three presentations that dissect the path to successfully deploying the ESnet SDN testbed architecture with ENOS acting as the multi-node operating system setting up network nodes and adjusting QoS from a global network point of view. The three presentations are: 1. 100G SDN Testbed lessons learned and active use (~20min; Inder Monga (ESnet)) 2. ENOS – A Global Network Operating System running on ESnet SDN Testbed (~30min; Eric Pouyoul (ESnet)) 3. SDN Traffic Management with QoS for 100G Networking (20min.; Yatish Kumar (Corsa))


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Tuesday, 14 June from 16:00 to 17:30

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