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The three papers presented in this session discuss different aspects of the use of software-defined networks (SDN) to provide useful management services in production networks.
The article presented by Jerônimo Bezerra describes and discusses how production and experimental networks may coexist using the same OpenFlow-controlled infrastructure, represented here by the Amlight community’s network connections between North and South America. In order to avoid undue interference with production traffic, the team has developed a sanitiser module, which filters and validates the controller messages used by the experimental networks.
The second article, from Surfnet, describes experiences with a number of OpenFlow-capable switches, and discusses the limitations of some of these, due to the use of hardware modules optimised for traditional network switches and routers. The presentation also discusses two next-generation OpenFlow switches and also P4, an improved successor to OpenFlow, and reports on their possibilities.
The third article deals with large-scale orchestration of cloud and network infrastructure, increasingly required for dealing with Big Data, under study in GÉANT 4. In their attempt to free the data scientists from dealing with networking issues, the authors explore the possibilities of Network Function Virtualisation and OpenFlow to create very large scale intelligent cloud-aware networks that need to work in concert with the distributed application components.


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Tuesday, 14 June from 14:00 to 15:30

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