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4D - Alien Wavelengths – from field trials to profitable services Save to my Google calendar

The topic of Alien Wavelengths (AWs) has been discussed extensively within the NREN community for more than a half a decade. Numerous field trials, production deployments and diverse analyses have been reported in the literature both from industry and academia. In order to bring the AW closest possible to being deployable at a service level, a joint cooperation between all involved vendors and network operators is required, especially in multi-domain/multi-network scenarios. Presently, such cooperation can be slow and inefficient, due to the lack of well-defined interfaces, demarcation points and responsibility areas. This session aims at bringing together all involved parties (operators and vendors alike) in order to discuss the next steps in the evolution of the AWs towards a full-fledged operational and profitable service.


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Tuesday, 14 June from 9:00 to 10:30
Tycho Kepler

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