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Future Transport Network Architectures: The role of disaggregation of classic routers, and the integration into a programmable long distance transmission infrastructure. From its inception, the objective of SDN was to separate the control plane from the forwarding plane. This can been achieved by OpenFlow which allows a router’s forwarding table to be remotely populated. Centralized management of many SDN routers/switches enables complex routing to be performed based on a global view. This disaggregation of protocols from the hardware has often been likened to the Linux movement to build a community open source operating system separate from the server hardware. The hope is that this will stimulate innovation and speed up development cycles. While there has been considerable progress on employing SDN in Layers 2 in the enterprise enviroment, the role of SDN for transport in the WAN is still evolving. It is becoming apparent that transport SDN will be most useful when integrated into a generalized multi-layer SDN controller. This session will review the work being carried out by three network equipment vendors. GEANT will also present their vision for a next generation SDN based core network with integration of Layer 2 SDN with transport equipment. The 90 minute session will include four presentations of 20 minutes each.


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Monday, 13 June from 16:00 to 17:30
Tycho Kepler

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