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SDX/SDI Design for Disaster Scenarios

Smart and connected communities will integrate networks, computing systems, physical devices, and other infrastructure, all with humans in the loop, to make them sustainable and improve quality of life and safety for the public. One type of systems that are required to achieve this goal are severe weather and warning systems for communities. With 54% of the worlds population living in urban areas and an increase of severe weather events the need for such systems is essential. Software Defined Infrastructures (SDI) and Software Defined Exchanges (SDX), which are defined as the combination of virtualized computing (e.g., cloud computing), software-defined radios (SDR), and software-defined networking (SDN), have the potential to effectively support such severe weather warning systems and applications. Building such systems on top of SDX/SDI will allow real time provisioning of compute, storage, and networking resources, which in turn will result in increased fault tolerance, reduced latency, and the prioritization of data, especially during disasters. This talk will focus on the creation of abstractions that will allow application developers to program SDX/SDI. The design of an SDX that is fully integrated in SDI and will support real-time provisioning of networking, compute, and storage resources. Finally, we the issue of the orchestration of several control planes to allow the efficient combination of virtualized resources will be discussed.


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