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CTSC: Securing NSF Research

The Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure (CTSC) has been leading the NSF community for the past three years (2012-15) in understanding and implementing risk-based cybersecurity to maximize trustworthy science in the context of the over seven billion dollars of research infrastructure funded by NSF. As of the beginning of 2016, CTSC has been recognized and funded by NSF as a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence to “provide leadership to the NSF research community in the continuous building and distribution of a body of knowledge on the topic of trustworthy cyberinfrastructure.” This talk covers the principles of cybersecurity and identity management to support scientific research developed by CTSC and its plans as a center of excellence, including developing a threat model and cybersecurity best practices for science, providing situational awareness to the NSF community, engaging with science projects one-on-one to collaboratively address their cybersecurity challenges, and building a community of practitioners and researchers around cybersecurity for science anchored by an annual cybersecurity summit for NSF cyberinfrastructure. CTSC provides training, best practices, and support across a diverse set of cybersecurity topics including cybersecurity program development, incident response, software assurance, and federated identity management in response to the needs of NSF cyberinfrastructure projects.



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