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Live 8K Video Transmissions on Commodity PC Platforms

In this talk we showcase a recent developments of live, low-latency 8K video transmissions over IP networks using a commodity PC platform and the UltraGrid software developed by CESNET. The work presented in this talk has been done in a close collaboration with our colleagues from the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC). The video capturing part is based on the Sony F65 camera and BPU-8000 processor procured by PSNC and a PC equipped with AJA CorVid 88 capturing cards and a NVidia Tesla accelerator for the video compression using the GPU accelerated JPEG compression. The compressed video is then streamed using the UltraGrid SW over 10GE networks producing about 2.5Gbps of RTP data stream. The receiving part utilises a SAGE based tiled display wall to display the 8K video. The viability of this system will be demonstrated during the TNC26 conference connecting Poznań and Prague. In the talk we also briefly mention our ideas and recent development towards multipoint distribution of 8K video streams.


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