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Alien waves – GEANT plans and Operational experience

This paper presents the work carried out in GÉANT to carry 500G alien super channel over the SURFnet fibre from Amsterdam to Hamburg. The system operates with greater than 10 dB operating margin proving the system to be highly stable. While we have been able to demonstrate cost savings from removing duplicated dark fibre, the challenge is to demonstrate that the operational model is production grade. To be able to integrate AWs into our network design, we need to demonstrate that the MTFB and the time to repair are comparable to GÉANT owned dark fibre systems. This presentation will report on the reliability of the Amsterdam – Hamburg system and our experiences of the operational model for this system. The 500G super channel is derived from the Infinera DTN-X AOLX-500 card. Light from this cards is directly injected into the SURFnet’s production ROADMs on a link between Hamburg and Amsterdam. The field-trial uses SURFnet’s fibre and Ciena DWDM equipment to carry the super channel which is composed of 10 x 50Gb/s PM-QPSK wavelengths. Two AOLM OCG cards were installed in the existing GÈANT DTN-X chassis, one at each end of the link. Test results showed that the alien waves can be inserted with minimal impact on the native channels. I will also discuss the JRA1 T1 task in GN4-2. This task is planning to expand our usage of alien waves in our network. Several candidate links have been identified and will be the focus of negotiation with NRENs during 2016/17. The first of these is the Madrid to Lisbon link where an AW trial will be carried out.


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