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Big Astrophysics = Big Networks

A grand cycle exists in science and technology. The fundamentals of physics that underpin the technologies of advanced networking have been uncovered over the last hundred years. In turn, advanced networking is one of the modern technologies that is fueling the development of the largest scale science experiments ever seen, aimed at deepening our understanding of physics and the Universe. The classic example is CERN and the LHC. Another international mega-scale physics facility currently under development is the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the largest radio telescope ever conceived, designed to uncover the history and evolution of our Universe. The SKA will push advanced networking, computation, and data handling to new levels of volume and complexity. The physics that the SKA will uncover may drive forward the next hundred years of innovation in technology, spawning devices and techniques not yet conceived. I will discuss the SKA project, as well as steps toward the SKA, in particular from the point of view of massive and complex networking.


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10A - Wednesday plenary 2