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Bringing the Benefits of NFV from Data Center to the WAN

Network Function Virtualization uses modular off-the-shelf general purpose computing hardware to run computing and network functions that previously relied on dedicated purpose built hardware. It has been used successfully by companies like Google and Amazon in data centers to achieve scale and flexibility. The presentation discusses the benefits and challenges of moving the NFV into the wide area telecommunications transport network. It will cover: 1. Show how Transport NFV through openness and collaboration extends the general benefits of NFV from data centers into transport networks, including NREN networks, enabling services flexibility and agility. 2. Describe how T-NFV services such as Dynamic VPNs, Virtual Routers, Virtual Content Delivery, Cyber Security Services, and Broadband Gateways, can be chained together to create higher level applications. 3. Compare the computing, storage, and networking technical requirements for T-NFV services against similar ones based in a data center. The two main differences is that WAN functionality has a much higher ratio of I/O cycles to compute cycles than in data centers, and there is not an near unlimited supply of energy and space. 4. Detail the approach that ECI is taking to add hardware acceleration to T-NFV, as well as other measures for end-to-end services management and carrier-grade reliability in order to meet the needs of transport networks. 5. Provide insights into ECI's practical experience from customer deployments of T-NFV that is commencing in January 2016.


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