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Moonshot + Assent service one year on: Successes and challenges

Jisc quietly transitioned its Moonshot pilot into the Assent production service in March 2015. Since then, Jisc has led the continued pan-European Moonshot pilot in the GÉANT GN4 project, while several research e-infrastructures have started to consider Moonshot as a non-web authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI) for their needs. In this talk, we will look at the successes and challenges that the technology and its services have faced in the real world since the public launch. How does an organisation bootstrap a completely new service with minimal services available? How does one build new use cases? How has the technology been received by users and implementers alike? Is the technology and implementation flexible, and more importantly, as manageable as existing implementations of AAI? The talk will also look at the future of the service and the technology outside the traditional research and education space, as well as other projects elsewhere in the world that are not directly connected to Assent, but have taken similar approaches. Does industry consider the adoption of Moonshot technology and the connection of Assent when interacting with research organisations?


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