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Clearing the Path Between Research and Innovation

Like all NRENs, CANARIE ensures Canada’s research and education communities have access to an ultra-high-speed network for world-leading discovery and innovation, but CANARIE offers Canadians much more. CANARIE’s mandate is to contribute to Canadian competitiveness in all sectors of the economy, to wealth and job creation and to the quality of life of Canadians. This broad mandate drives a culture at CANARIE focussed on leveraging the core digital asset – the network – to incent and support the adoption of advanced technologies in Canada’s research, education and innovation communities. That means CANARIE behaves like an NREN, an innovation incubator, a software development champion, an advocate for its user community and a trusted advisor to policy makers. This behaviour is expressed in a number of CANARIE programs and services that are unique in the NREN community, and may provide food for thought for NRENs evolving to meet changing stakeholder needs.This presentation will provide more details on how CANARIE clears the path between research and innovation to help enhance Canada's competitiveness in the global digital economy.


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