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Serviceinfo - the flexible tool to send out operations messages

Based on open source tools, we at DeiC (the Danish NREN) have developed a much more flexible replacement for mailing lists for sending out operational messages (out-of-service, service windows announcements, service restoration messages etc) from the NOC to the users. Via federated login, the users configure what types of messages they want to subscribe to, and how they want them delivered (mail, mobile text, RSS etc). This is more user freindly and gives a better overview than traditional mailing lists. The service has evolved from a simple tool for the NREN NOC to a service, used by the universities and others to send out messages to the users of their services and to update info-screens on campus. This service/tool is freely available to other NRENs and it is the intention to gather traction for a development community aroud this service.


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