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6MoNPlus:Geographically distributed DualStack network monitoring

There are several situations in which it is convenient to have an easy to use tool for monitoring and managing various networks, distributed in different locations, using a single management interface. This article is proposing a geographically distributed, scalable and extensible open tool for monitoring and controlling geographically distributed Dual Stack (IPv4/Ipv6) networks using a single management interface by solving the NAT traversal and firewall issues. 6MoNPlus and the previous version called 6MoN have both been developed by our team. Using 6MoNPlus network administrators will be able to: • Detect, mitigate and notify rogue IPv6 router advertisements • Monitor the network address utilization by finding the associations between IPv4/IPv6/MAC/DUID/Username in a given range of time interval • Detect and notify the presence of unofficial DHCP servers



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