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International Multidomain Open Architecture E2E 100 Gbps Service

At this time, 100 Gbps WAN paths are proliferating, as are 100 Gbps LAN paths within and among data centers and other specialized facilities, including among international open exchange points. Consequently, opportunities exist to develop high capacity, high performance, single stream services for 100 Gbps end to end multi-domain paths across both WAN and LANs, including directly from and to edge servers. This session will present the results of a series of experiments and demonstrations conducted by iCAIR and SURFnet that have been developing a prototype WAN service based on 1) 100 G NIC configured specialized servers at the WAN/LAN edges 2) integration with multipath support for 100 G across the Atlantic using Programmable Hybrid Protocol Paths 3) Open Architecture edge 100 Gbps switches with 3 Terabit per second non-blocking backplanes and 4) high performance, high capacity, high quality individual WAN flows across the Atlantic 5) advanced SDX services and related capabilities.



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