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A WebRTC roadmap for the Geant community

WebRTC is a new technology for real time communication defined by the IETF and W3C. It enables voice and video communication directly in the browser without any plugins and complements this with a real time data channel. WebRTC offers high quality audio/video communication capabilities to anyone with a web browser, capabilities that previously only were available using proprietary systems and software. This creates an opportunity for the European R&E community to solve its real time communication challenges in novel ways. The R&E community needed to make sense of the emerging WebRTC landscape, its consequences for the European R&E community and its existing real time communication infrastructures. This is what Geant4 SA8 T2 has been doing since May 2015 and will be doing until April 2016. The task's main target is to provide a roadmap for the rational adoption of WebRTC technology in European R&E and the NREN service portfolios. To this aim the task works on technology scouting, built prototype infrastructures and demo services and will propose a number of new services for the Geant community. This talk will present the proposed WebRTC roadmap, its conclusions and the reasoning behind them. The focus of the talk will depend on outcome of the work done by the task in its remaining 5 months. A key focus of the talk however will be on the impact for the end user: how should and how will this new technology change daily reality for our researchers, educators and students. How will this technology make it easier for them to communicate with their peers regardless of where in time and space they are.


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