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36 - True Hardware Virtualization under open, middleware control

Steve Tester (Xantaro)

Why Care About True Hardware Virtualization

WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT: Traffic in metro networks is exploding and is characterized by many nodes, with varying traffic flows and a wide mix of services and bit rates. This is challenging traditional network architectures that are not designed to cope with both the volume and the diversity. Being able to intelligently aggregate and deliver services at these nodes is an important architectural consideration.


The Corsa DP2000 platform is addressing this with WAN-scale multi-context virtualization of the hardware, which allows switch resources to be dynamically partitioned in hardware and exposed as independent virtual SDN switches or routers. This capability to create virtual service instances (VSI) allows for :

- Isolate traffic into zones for performance and security reasons
- Automate new service commissioning without rewiring
- Protocol agnostic virtual instances
- Use hardware resources more efficiently
- Improve bandwidth management for each tenant

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