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35 - Zero Touch Provisioning, Operation and Management Architecture

Yuri Demchenko, Sonja Filiposka, Damir Regvart, Migiel de Vos, Tasos Karaliotas, Garreth Malone, Afrodite Sevasti,Paola Grosso, Cees de Laat

This poster presents results of the ongoing development of the Cloud Services Delivery Infrastructure (CSDI) that provides a basis for infrastructure centric cloud services provisioning, operation and management in multi-cloud multi-provider environment defined as a Zero Touch Provisioning, Operation and Management (ZTP/ZTPOM) model. The poster refers to use cases from data intensive research that require high performance computation resources and large storage volumes that are typically distributed between datacenters often involving multiple cloud providers and requiring to connect multiple cooperating campuses. Automation for large scale scientific (and industrial) applications should include provisioning of both inter-cloud network infrastructure and intra-cloud application resources. It should provide support for the complete application operation workflow together with the possible application infrastructure and resources changes that can occur during the application lifecycle. The proposed ZTPOM model and architecture is the further development of early proposed by authors, the Open Cloud eXchange (OCX), that has been proposed to address the last mile problem in cloud services delivery to campuses over trans-national backbone networks such as GEANT. OCX will serve as an integral component of the prospective ZTP infrastructure over the GEANT network. The poster will illustrate inter-connection and inter-relation of multiple components that allows creating an agile infrastructure that combines programmable networks (SDN and NFV) and cloud based technologies to respond rapidly changing demand for distributed resources and fast data transfer in data intensive scientific applications.

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