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26 - Data Science Profession for European Research and Industry

Yuri Demchenko (UvA)

The ability to manipulate and extract knowledge and value from vast amount of data produced by modern research and industry requires a new profession called the Data Scientist. The EDISON project has been established in order to support Universities, Research Centers, Industry and Research Infrastructure organisations to cope with the potential shortfall of Data Scientists, to define the framework of competences as well as the body of knowledge for this profession. Defining the profession will help with job alignment and establishing career paths. The Data Scientist definition should not be limited to research as the industry demand is an order of magnitude higher. Research and industry should be considered as possible career paths – there will be benefits for both. The EDISON Data Science Framework includes the following components: Data Science Competence Framework (DS-CF), Data Science Body of Knowledge (DS-BoK), Data Science Model Curriculum (MC-DS), and corresponding taxonomy of related scientific disciplines and knowledge areas. The proposed CF-DS includes the following competences: - Data Analytics including statistical methods, Machine Learning and Business Analytics - Engineering: software and infrastructure - Subject/Scientific Domain competences and knowledge - Data Management, Curation, Preservation - Scientific or Research Methods The poster provides information about project activities, events and coordination actions to establish a new profession of Data Scientist.

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