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22 - WebRTC in context communication

Rui Ribeiro (FCT|FCCN)

Browsing the web is just about text and images anymore. Users want to interact with services, they want to learn with others, they need to communicate fast and easily. WebRTC presents it self as an technology that enable (web)developers to deliver applications with an higher level interaction. This presentation shows the work done within GN4SA8 to create an "in context" video centered application that allows users to create in self-service a video wepsnippet to embbed on their website, LMS, ... This websnippet is just the frontend to a wider backend that provides the logic of a queueing system and allows several use cases. The exploited use case is Web Tutoring application where a teacher can easily setup its virtual web tutoring office and "receive" its students, one at the time, during a set of hours of his choosing.

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