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19 - SNIP: TLS based IPv6 transition proxy

Yorin Anne de Jong (UNINETT)

SNIP provides a proof of concept for a NodeJS implemented IPv4-to-IPv6 transition mechanism enabling IPv6 only servers to be reached by IPv4 clients. SNIP utilizes the fact that a significant number web based services are available over HTTPS, i.e. encrypted HTTP connections. Embedded in the underlying Transport Layer Security connections (which provide the S in modern HTTPS connections) is a Server Name Indication (SNI) value, i.e. the domain name of the destination application server. SNIP extracts this SNI value and applies if for mapping incoming IPv4 requests to correct IPv6 server addresses by help from the Domain Name System (DNS). A single instance of SNIP performs fairly well, and a more scalable framework for SNIP load balancing is under development.

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