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18 - Simplifying multi-layer network management with RINA

Eduard Grasa (i2CAT)

Today computer networks are designed as multiple co-operating layers that perform different autonomic functions implemented by a diverse set of protocols. Network Management Systems (NMSs) are in charge of keeping the network in an optimum operational state, adjusting the configuration of the different layers as the network conditions vary (changes in physical layer characteristics, changes in volume and characteristics of traffic offered to the network). Managing the different network layers today is complex because each layer performs a different set of functions, usually implemented by multiple protocols, whose interactions are hard to predict. In contrast, RINA networks are formed by multiple layers that perform the same functions and provide the same service. There is a single layer model that the NMS needs to reason about, and layer interactions are well understood. This talk will examine the benefits of managing RINA networks and present a Proof of Concept of an adaptive NMS to manage RINA networks developed by the FP7 PRISTINE project.

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