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17 - SDN-enabled AutoBAHN. Envisioning future BoD services

Alaitz Mendiola (University of the Basque Country)

Thanks to the technology agnostic nature of NSI-CS and AutoBAHN, the JRA2 aims to seamlessly extend and improve the current capabilities of Géant's BoD service while keeping its multi-domain capabilities. This approach, based on the DynPaC framework, will not only add OpenFlow domains to the BoD service, it will also prove the benefits of using SDN technologies for traffic engineering and more specifically for BoD, paving the way for a future SDN-based Géant BoD service. In such a context, the JRA2 is working on a Proof of Concept implementation of a DynPaC-based Domain Manager for AutoBAHN, which will allow to integrate OpenFlow domains to the multi-domain AutoBAHN BoD system.

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