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12 - IaaS, the SURF Cloud way - An approach to use IaaS on NREN terms

Sabita Behari (SURFnet)

More and more SURF member institutions turn to SURF to help them go from ‘managing IT operations’ to ‘directing their IT-services’. They want to take the step to the cloud with its convenient services, but have concerns about privacy and security and the governance of these services. SURF has therefore adopted the following cloud ambition: “in 2018 the SURF-constituency contracts a substantial part of its required cloud services from SURF.” SURF fulfills this ambition with several projects in the SURF Cloud program. The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) project is the most advanced: production status for the service that follows this project is expected in Q3 2016. This project started in collaboration with 6 universities of applied science. Undertaking SURF Cloud projects with involvement of member institutions provides valuable experience to SURF. In this presentation, the project approach and the lessons learned are shared, which should be very useful to organizations similar to SURF.

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