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11 - Fully secure 6Gbps file transfer for scientific applications

Takeshi Fukunaga (University of Tokyo)

With the rapid progress of high bandwidth network technology, high speed networks cover all over the world. 10Gbps is common, and now, 40Gbps and 100Gbps network are spreading. As for 10Gbps network, we achieved more than 9Gbps memory to memory data transfer, and 6.5Gbps disk to disk data transfer. Needs for high-speed secure data transfer increases in various scientific fields such as social, medical and data intensive science, especially, data with personal information such as human genome data or network activity analysis. In this paper, we tackle on secure file data transfer. In the past, when hardware such as CPU and storage devices was slow, low throughput of secure transfer application was not a big problem. However, now, multi-cores are common, Advanced Encryption Standard New Instruction (AES-NI) on Intel are now ready to use, and Solid State Drive(SSD) and Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID0) make storage speed comparable. In this paper, first we clarify the bottleneck of secure data transfer in a current typical scientific research environment. Then, we propose a multi-thread model for message authentication, and finally, we propose and develop a high speed secure file transfer application S-HPFT with AES and Message Authentication Code (MAC) on conventional TCP/IP. S-HPFT achieves over 6Gbps file data transfer on 40Gbps network environment

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