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09 - Experiences with OpenDaylight Service Function Chaining (SFC)

Ronald van der Pol (SURFnet)

In this talk we present our experiences with Network Function Virtualisation (NFV). In order to get hands on experience with NFV we set up a demonstration at SuperComputing2015 (SC15), the largest international conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, that was held in Austin, Texas. The demonstration showed NFV combined with Service Function Chaining (SFC) through a programmable network (SDN). A user interface based on a web browser enabled visitors at the SURF booth, standing in front of a camera in Austin, to direct video traffic through Amsterdam using various video transcoding network functions set up across Europe. Through the user interface, visitors sent API calls generated by the SFC to an OpenDayLight controller to program the network. The result was a processed live video image. The types of video processing that could be applied were: upside down, mirror, grayscale, insert text and insert logo.

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