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15/06/2016 15:15-15:30
A demonstration will show how the GÉANT network and low-latency audiovisual transmissions can enable distributed performances across Europe. A novel experiment never done before will show two major organists in two European countries playing together using their non-movable instruments.

A Czech organist Jaroslav Tuma will play in a Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Brno together with a Norwegian organist Jon M. Skogstad in the hall of the Department of Music at the University in Trondheim. A special low-latency audio and video transmission will connect both organists such that they can play together in real time over distance. It will be a unique experience, because organs are bound to their environment and the network is the only way that organists can play together. Transmission will be implemented using the 4K Gateway technology, which is covered by several CESNET patents.

The concert is organized in collaboration of CESNET, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Czech Radio, UNINETT and GÉANT.

The conference participants will see the first part of the concert, where
Mr. Jaroslav Tuma and Mr. Jon M. Skogstad will together play a piece from Joseph Blanco, Concerto for two organs, duration approx. 10 minutes.

The concert will however continue to be broadcast by Czech Radio for the second part of about 30 minutes at:

with three more pieces of music:

Jaroslav Tuma: original music based on Adam Václav Michna, Czech Lute
– from Brno

Jon M. Skogstad: original music based on legend Orpheus and Eurydice
– from Trondheim

Jaroslav Tuma and Jon M. Skogstad: original music based on legend Orpheus and Eurydice – played together from Brno and Trondheim


Czech team:

Jaroslav Tůma Organ
Sven Ubik Main supervisor, technology setup Prague
Martin Kolbe Technology setup Brno
Aleš Dvořák Sound engineer
Pavel Pečiva Video engineer
Jiří Navrátil Co-supervisor
Jiří Mrhal Sound Engineer Prague, Graphic designer
Martin Kozlovský Czech Radio
Ivo Hulínský Web streaming
Jiří Kubišta Still photography

Norwegian team:

Jon M. Skogstad Organ
Otto J. Wittner Supervisor
Jakub Halák Technology setup Trondheim
Thomas Henriksen Sound engineer




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