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15/06/2016 13:30-14:00
This demo will feature the PRISTINE Manager creating and configuring tenant DIFs (layers) in RINA-enabled data-center (DC) networks. Figure 1 depicts the different systems (boxes) and DIFs (layers) that will be used in the demo, except for the Network Manager and the management DIF (to avoid overcomplicating the picture).
The left part of the figure shows the RINA-enabled DC network, which will be located at one of the PRISTINE partner’s lab. The DC network (except for the tenant DIFs) will be already pre-configured before starting the demo. The Network Manager will also be executing in the DC. The right part of the figure describes the configuration at the TNC demo venue, where one computer configured as border router and 4 computers configured as hosts will be located. The venue DIF will have already been setup before the demo starts. A shim DIF over the public Internet will allow the RINA network at the TNC venue to communicate with the RINA-enabled DC network.




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