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Demonstration: SDN Routing with an open, production grade routing stack Save to my Google calendar

14/06/2016 13:30-14:00
As SDN networks evolve, there still remains a gap in what can be done at the routing level if one wants to deploy in a live network with open routing software. There are many offerings of SDN controllers that are open-source (such as Atrium or Vandervecken) but none of them do production grade routing at scale or reliably. We would like to demonstrate SDN routing using Corsa SDN switches running a Corsa production grade, open SDN routing stack that communicates with the data plane via OpenFlow and that is incorporated into an operator’s network operating system. This offers networks architects and operators choice for the first time: for those that want a full routing solution “out of the box”, then this is now possible; for those that want to develop their own routing stack, they can and the open hardware will respond just the same.




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