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16/06/2016 09:00-12:30
SURFnet is currently exploring the possibilities to facilitate institutions for Higher Education to use the infrastructure for Technology Enhanced Learning. Typical themes are infrastructure and services for facilitating a flexible digital learning environment, solving assessment software interoperability issues, facilitating open educational resources sharing and Learning Analytics. UNINETT are running eCampus to ensure a flexible digital learning environment, supporting technology enhanced learning with an emphasis on video infrastructure, digital assessment requirements and collaboration tools. The next generation digital learning environment needs more knowledge exchange to support the next generation infrastructure and services.

The aim of the round table is to explore and identify NRENs working on similar challenges around technology for education and are eager as well as eligible to exchange information, or even willing to collaborate and develop shared solutions. One example of reuse of solutions is the Lock-Down Browser for digital assessments developed by SWITCH, used by vendors in the Norwegian market.

Round table participants will be invited to provide an overview with key technologies for education areas they are working on and willing to collaborate on. These will be used to identify 8-12 prospective areas that can be worked on during the round table session.
A report on these challenges and the potential solutions will be shared with all TNC-­‐ participants.

- Identification of key challenges in Technology for Education
- Identification of NRENs Who could work together to mutual benefit
- Identification of activities and approaches for collaboration, sharing and developing shared solutions to key challenges in Technology For Education.
- Roadmap for optimizing efficiency (re‐use/shared use of tools; standardisation/interoperability etc)

Collaboration, Technology Enhanced Learning, Online Learning, Blended Learning, Digital
Assessment, Learning Environments, Learning Analytics




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