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BoF: Improving End-to-End Performance Save to my Google calendar

13/06/2016 09:00-10:30
Tycho Kepler
Supporting users in running demanding network applications is an increasingly important yet challenging task, be they bulk data transfers, low latency haptic applications, or real-time streaming services. To this end, a number of NRENs have established some form of PERT (Performance Enhancement Response Team), and the collaborative GÉANT eduPERT activity is helping to share experiences between them.

This BoF aims to bring together TNC attendees with an interest in achieving the best possible end-to-end performance for their applications, or for users running applications across their networks. The target audience includes application-oriented user communities, network researchers, and network operators (within a campus or at an NREN level) with an interest in running or supporting demanding network applications.

The session will begin with three short presentations: the first will introduce the context of the BoF, the second will report on common incidents and problems as observed by members of eduPERT, and the third will present results and recommendations from a recent survey of NREN PERTs. The majority of the session will be dedicated to discussion on end-to-end performance issues, challenges, and how we can support communities.

Open questions and topics that may be discussed within the BoF include: best practices for managing network performance, tools for large-scale data transfers, application-oriented network monitoring, optimising campus network architectures (including the ‘science DMZ’ approach), and improving cooperation between users and campus and NREN operators.




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