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BoF: FileSender, large file transfer Save to my Google calendar

13/06/2016 18:00-19:00
Whether you already operate a FileSender service, are considering it or just want to learn more about FileSender, this is the session for you!

Please register at

This BoF is organised by Jan Meijer, project lead FileSender and Guido Aben, FileSender's global evangelist.

About FileSender FileSender ( is open source software for building a web-based service for the transfer of arbitrarily large files to a private audience using only standard web browsers.

Out-of-the-box federated authentication combined with a very small sysadmin footprint make FileSender an good value added service on top of your network and in your federation. Users like it, it's there when they need it most and it doesn't require any client-side setup.

Over 30 NRENs currently offer a FileSender service to their community. Development is supported by a consortium of NRENs.

This BoF is for all of you who have deployed or are planning to deploy a FileSender install, and those of you who have heard about FileSender and just would like to learn more. We are very flexible and able to answer most questions about the past, present and future plans of FileSender.

Topics we plan to cover include:
- the roadmap
- wishlist, ideas
- operational experience, lessons learned
- consortium formalisation and consequences

Please allow us to create a balanced agenda and register at (registration link).

FileSender project: (




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