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Workshop: Moving My Data at High Speeds over the Network Save to my Google calendar

12/06/2016 14:00-17:30
The aim of this workshop is to help the user community in moving and accessing big data that they require for their research at the chosen compute locations.
It will describe the design of a GÉANT prototype environment for high performance data transfers that will enable big science users to test their data transfer setups, and cover the advantages, design and use of De-Militarised Zones at the campus. In addition it will focus on the performance of end hosts and the importance of tuning, using 10 Gigabit and modern 100 Gigabit Ethernet NICs as examples, refresh our understanding of the challenges of moving data with TCP and give examples of the use of UDP based tools to move data covering the performance and the impact on the network.

- Introduction to the workshop - Richard Hughes-Jones
- Design, Status and Use of the GÉANT Data transfer nodes - Mian Usman
- DTN End Host performance and tuning for using modern 100 Gigabit Ethernet NICs - Richard Hughes-Jones
- The importance of network monitoring and The challenges of moving data with TCP and UDP - Domenico Vicinanza & Brian Tierney
- Introducing eduPERT and how it can help you with network performance issues - Kurt Baumann
- The advantages, design and examples of use of Science DMZ at the campus - Eli Dart & Brian Tierney




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